April Update [April 19th 2016]

Hello once again everyone.

Apologies for not updating the website in over 2 weeks, despite what I said before about having a productive two weeks to sort things out and add a lot of content in general!

Because of my short absence, I've not informed you all on my latest piece of news, which is I'm currently on a month trial with an online gaming publication website called GameSpew. We deal with game reviews, previews, and articles mainly. Currently, I'm 2 weeks into the process, which is why there's been a 2-3 week gap between now and the last time I updated this website.

I was searching around for websites to apply for, and I began the recruitment process with GameSpew, which meant that all of my efforts recently have been focused on playing games to review, and writing/researching for articles. One of the great things that's happened as a result of this endeavour has been a mention by OSVR about my OSVR HDK article/review:


The folks at RazerZone's PR department were nice enough to get in-touch and praise me on the article, and I've been put in touch with the OSVR team directly to have an informal chat about the platform and the headset in general. I've sent some questions off to the representative, so I'll have plenty of info to share in any future articles once I run them by him before submitting them to my editors.

Currently I have 4 articles up: http://www.gamespew.com/author/david-treharne/

2 reviews, and 2 general pieces.

I'll be updating my reviews section to be an "articles" or "journalism" section, and I'll be linking externally to my GameSpew articles rather than hosting them here. Speaking about my plans in the long-term, I'll stop writing my articles on my website (unless someone has already reviewed a certain game or written on a certain topic on GameSpew already), and I'll simply be linking to the GameSpew website directly when I create a new post on my website. This means clicking the article's title on my website, will take you to the article directly, rather than just be a copy/paste of my piece. This will also help collate all views on the article in one place, which we'll use to measure interest in my articles and help me make decisions in the future.

As for this website, I've not yet had time to sort things out. Between writing articles, playing/finishing games for review, and I've been trying to fit Dark Souls 3 in around other things as well, I've genuinely not had time to surface for breath the last fortnight. I'm heading to Ireland on holiday this Friday, and I won't be back until Friday next week, which means I'll have 7 days to relax. I'll be using this time to work on my game projects, and to get some other 3D work done. Will be writing more articles during this time as well, but not as much.

That's it for now, trying to keep this post brief and I've not proofread it (not that blog posts need to be drafted or checked...) so it might be a bit messy to read, but I'm keen to get back to work on stuff. Will update you all when there's something to report!