Website Update [March 20th 2016] : Retro Reviews

I'm sure many of you have noticed already, that there's some entries in the Reviews section now. I've gone through my old blog, rewritten and edited all of my Retro Reviews.

These were the quickest to do, and gave me a chance to test out formatting decisions I've made, and incorporate things such as quotes, pictures, video, and see how the layout works out for them. I've also created a variety of categories for my posts, so I can label them efficiently and make sure that people browsing for certain content can find it easily.

Next, I'll be uploading more recent reviews, and taking a look at maybe bringing a few articles into the mix.

I've also updated the projects page today. Currently, it just shows off Kooler World on a flashy one-page design, with links to IndieDB and GameJolt. The end result after some tweaking will be that the entire project is viewable on the website, and a gallery will be included as well as the design documents etc.

Right now however, I can't commit to one thing for too long, or else the other sections of the website remain empty | void of any content. So the objective right now is to skim every section, and add a little bit of content all around the website to begin populating it.