Upcoming Website Development | Features

Now that I've got the bulk of the website work done [registering a domain name, setting up pages, formatting rules etc.], I plan on populating my website over the next few weeks or so. I've got these tasks ahead of me:

  • Collate all of my best reviews, and re-draft them for use here.
  • Produce new written content for followers that have already read my old articles.
  • Collate all of my best work so far, to upload into what will become the beginning of a portfolio page.
  • Add any interactive elements such as my games to the website.
  • Start bringing in YouTube videos and other media content into its own page and design a layout.
  • Improve the layout and design as time goes on, listening to feedback.
  • Use my social media to promote the website and bring all my current followers to this new platform.
  • Use social media less and start using this website instead of Facebook, Twitter etc. to host | place content.

I've got a lot of work ahead of me, but I know the drill by now of what to do and how long it will take. As far as how things are going at this moment, I'm actually quite pleased with this design, and feedback has been positive.

I suspect as I start using the site more regularly to browse my content, and as I get feedback from users, that I'll notice inconsistencies in the design. Things I'll improve as time goes on and I browse the site with my followers.

The first thing you can all look forward to is a redrafting of my old reviews. It's a nice way for me to test the blog system and get some practice with it, as well as a quickly populating the website with content to make things more interesting from a content collection standpoint.

So expect what is essentially a 'best of DavidStrife7 Reviews' collection up soon, as well as some new reviews of things I've finished or been playing recently, but haven't written about yet!

Any problems or suggestions any of you have, please tell me. I'll be sure to incorporate as much feedback as I can.