So What Got Done?

Don't despair, I have yet to vanish. We're beyond apologies for my lack of activity, but in all honesty, I'd rather be hard at work than spending time updating my blog right now at least.

That Virtual Novel project I joined up back a few months ago? I've gotten some work done. I've signed a preliminary contract that'll have very limited involvement from me right now. Obviously the details are private between us, but basically I've agreed to create an American-style diner for free to begin with until we have further discussions. I'm doing the work for free because it gives me a chance to pad out my portfolio, whilst being accountable to someone else other than myself. It also gives me a chance to prove myself for getting involved further with the project. Here's some screenies:

I'm reading my previous blog post to see what stuff I said I'd be getting done by the end of the year, and laughing at where I am now. Partly because they were stupid promises to make when I knew about all the commitments I was making to myself, and partly because I've actually ended up doing different stuff that I didn't even mention there but were equally as important. Let's see...


  • I hope to finish a few games in the next year. My intention is to release something on Steam Greenlight and other marketplaces by the end of the year.

AHAHAHAHA! Solo developers have ventured onto making simpler games than what I have going on here, and taken far longer to get them finished. The fact I said I'd get multiple done and submitted to Steam Greenlight by the end of the year? Laughable. I appreciate my enthusiasm back in April after getting a few things from the asset store that made my life much easier. The prime word being 'easier' however, and not 'easy'. None of the projects are cancelled, it's just the case that my foray into C# programming has slowed me down somewhat. It was important I invested that time learning C# though, otherwise it would have meant wasting time finding a committed programmer which would have taken longer than learning to program myself ironically.


  • I aim to finish my Light Novel | Manga.

Once again, I underestimated the amount of work. I need to bring the scope of this project down somewhat, or consider getting someone to help me.


  • Help the industry explore VR. I actually have a project planned. More info soon...

That's well underway. I'm doing the diner for Virtual Novel like I said, and will hopefully get involved further beyond that. Right now, we're just focused on this diner and we're keeping our discussion for the future of the project and my involvement on hold until we see what kind of results I get and how well we work together (as well as stuff on their end).


  • Release some music.

This is a sort-of-but-not-quite finished one. I've written quite a bit of music, but it's for the Virtual Novel project. I can't really share it, because it might be owned by them if they use it, though I haven't submitted it to them yet, because we haven't had the discussion of my involvement beyond my small free contribution of the diner. Until we have that discussion, these songs hold the potential to be adapted for their project, or they'll just be stuff I've written and I'll be sharing them on my website as my general music work.


  • Learn more C# with Unity.

This is the one I've been hard at work at. This has been one of my main 2 objectives this year. I'm pretty confident with my C# ability now, but I'm still nowhere near a pro. I still make mistakes, but I can learn and understand things much better now. Before I'd have to cry on forums for help, now I work problems out myself and can transcribe different methods and techniques between different programming languages knowing what tools I have to get the job done. Again I'm not pro quite yet, but I'm progressing nicely. My efforts here means I have a real good chance of finishing the games I've been working on by myself without having to find a programmer.


  • Make more Machinima | Videos for YouTube. GTA V is likely, as the game already contains a Director Mode to get me started. Maybe Sims 4 too.

I came so close to actually getting something started here, but ultimately I kept thinking of how much I needed to do/learn other stuff on my to-do-list. Ultimately, I'm already pretty good at filming and video-editing, so this is an area I'm not really in a rush to invest further time into yet. As for YouTube, I started putting some videos up in a Vlogging style, but between the traffic outside my window and the fact I work nights meaning I can't talk at a normal volume in consideration of others, it's awkward to find the right time to make them.


  • Get back into more frequent Journalism.

I can say very confidently that I did my best with this one too like with my C# Unity work. I've been churning out tons of articles and reviews. I've slowed down a lot this month going from 2-3 articles a week to barely 1, but Final Fantasy XV came out... so... I forgive myself!


That's it for now. Just wanted to share the Virtual Novel work I had done recently, and take another look at where I stand at the end of the year. As my C# learning has gone so well, I've made some more progress with my projects to the point I might have more prototype/demos ready soon.

Now that I have some more spare time, I may even start writing on my blog a little more regularly than in 6 month intervals... maybe...