Dino Hazard Progress?

I was browsing Reddit during some down-time earlier tonight, and I came across a game that was being promoted in the GameDev/Unity section called Vaccine. It's basically a Resident Evil clone, but takes the interesting idea of a randomly generated building wherein you must find a Vaccine to cure your teammate lying sick in bed.

Since I'm in the middle of making a ResidentEvil/DinoCrisis style experience myself, I thought this would be a good opportunity to see what another solo indie developer is doing, and see their interpretation of this sort of experience. Weirdly enough, the guy has used the exact same royalty-free music track as I have in my trailers for Dino Hazard, and he looks as obsessed with the PS1 low-poly/glitchy art-style as I am! Maybe he's seen Dino Hazard on indieDB once when it was in the top 10 games looked at for the week. Quite possible.

Nintendo Developer Application Submitted

For anyone that knows me even slightly, you'll be aware that I have a Playstation 4, and I used to be an Xbox 360 player. These days, I'm pretty much exclusive to the PC, minus a few exceptions like Final Fantasy XV and Destiny, that I can only play on consoles. So to mention that I've applied to become a Nintendo Developer, might throw some people off. I've never mentioned Nintendo as a platform I play games on, so why the sudden interest?

Global Game Jam 2017

I've just come back from a venue in Cardiff that was run by my old University, called the Global Game Jam. Put simply, a bunch of people attend a venue for 48 hours to make a game. Venues need 24 hour access as required by the Global Game Jam, so you pretty much have 2 days to do whatever you want; sleep not required (though encouraged!).

What Am I Working On Currently?

Whenever I update my Blog with a new entry, I always refer to how much I have going on and how I never seem to have the time for anything. I'm an idiot for taking on so much and planning so much, but part of me likes having a lot going on at once. If I hit a roadblock with a certain project either practically (I don't know how to make something work) or creatively (having a writer's block), I can walk away from that project and shift my focus onto a different one. There's also the chance of happy accidents occurring along the way where a solution in one project can crossover as a solution for another. So at the risk of making myself look like a complete idiot, I'm going to share a complete list of what it is I'm working on currently, with information each project.

So What Got Done?

Don't despair, I have yet to vanish. We're beyond apologies for my lack of activity, but in all honesty, I'd rather be hard at work than spending time updating my blog right now at least.

That Virtual Novel project I joined up back a few months ago? I've gotten some work done. I've signed a preliminary contract that'll have very limited involvement from me right now. Obviously the details are private between us, but basically I've agreed to create an American-style diner for free to begin with until we have further discussions. I'm doing the work for free because it gives me a chance to pad out my portfolio, whilst being accountable to someone else other than myself. It also gives me a chance to prove myself for getting myself involved further with the project. Here's some screenies:

Finally, An Update! [June 21st 2016]

After being away from my website | blog for nearly 2 months, this is the part where I stumble in with a bunch of excuses and crack some crummy joke like "Oh hey, I'm still alive by the way!", but in actuality, I've been quite busy!

So as much as I'd like to give the usual song and dance that most bloggers | websites do when they disappear for a while, I can't actually poke much fun at my situation, because when I look back at the last 2 months since my April update, a lot has happened. Rather than try to convince you of my work ethic, I'd rather just refer to the bullet point list I made in another blog entry, where I list my goals | objectives for the year, and talk about which ones I've completed, or am in-progress with:

April Update [April 19th 2016]


Hello once again everyone.

Apologies for not updating the website in over 2 weeks, despite what I said before about having a productive two weeks to sort things out and add a lot of content in general!

Because of my short absence, I've not informed you all on my latest piece of news, which is I'm currently on a month trial with an online gaming publication website called GameSpew. We deal with game reviews, previews, and articles mainly. Currently, I'm 2 weeks into the process, which is why there's been a 2-3 week gap between now and the last time I updated this website.